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These programmes are designed for participants looking to enter the fashion world. They provide a complete education and allow participants to acquire all of the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out a profession in their chosen subject.

  • Fashion Design & Marketing

Develop, design & promote your fashion future

BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses | undergraduate


  • Fashion Design 

Develop individual style to build a solid future in fashion

BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses | undergraduate


  • Fashion Design & Accessories (Womenswear / Menswear)

Broaden your fashion career horizons

BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses



  • Fashion, Art & Textile Innovation

The new Master Course in partnership with Etro and Manteco

Master's Degrees • Master's Courses



  • Luxury Accessories Design & Management

The Contemporary Artisan: management expertise & style

Master's Degrees • Master's Courses



  • Shoes And Accessories Design Intensive

Cultivating a new generation of footwear artisans

One year courses I Undergraduate


Liberal Arts

A Liberal Arts degree enables you to think broadly and critically, to problem-solve, to write clearly and convincingly and to become socially and culturally aware. The flexible, wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary curriculum enables you to specialize in a particular field while tailoring your studies to suit your own interests – challenging you to be adaptable, think independently, make connections across subject areas and question conventional wisdom. You’ll graduate as a critical thinker and a global leader, prepared to tackle current and future issues worldwide. 

  • Liberal Arts BA (Hons)

Develop your specialist knowledge and cross-disciplinary thinking –connecting ideas, themes and topics across subject areas. 


  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts (Business & Management) with Integrated Foundation

Liberal Arts with Integrated Foundation incorporates an extra year of study to prepare you for your undergraduate degree. Once you have completed the foundation year, you will progress directly on to the three-year BA (Hons) Liberal Arts (Business & Management) degree.  

This degree will give you a unique interdisciplinary basis from which to examine both historic and current affairs. As well as focusing on the theoretical perspectives of international relations, you will approach a wide range of topics from across the social sciences. 

  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts (Art History) with Integrated Foundation

Liberal Arts with Integrated Foundation incorporates an extra year of study to prepare you for your undergraduate degree. Once you have completed the foundation year, you will progress directly on to the three-year BA (Hons) Liberal Arts (Art History) degree.  

  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts (Journalism) with Integrated Foundation

Hands-on experience in a newsroom environment will develop your reporting and production skills on multiple platforms. This broad approach will give you the opportunity to investigate real life issues and train you to tell stories with skill and passion.


  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts (Literature & Creative Writing) 

The creative writing aspect of this major offers a practical element to your studies. You will take part in writing workshops, which will train you to tell authentic stories in a unique and personal way. Your literary knowledge will also inform your writing and help you to curate stories that emotionally engage with your readership.

  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts (Media & Communications)

The Media & Communications Major offers a critical examination into the history, development and future of this influential industry.  

You will engage in current industry trends and debates. Guest lectures hosted by media experts and visits to London’s leading media organizations will give you vital industry insight and valuable business connections.




Specialization : Interior Design

It focuses on project solutions that explore the awareness of the relation between men and the space around them, both on a domestic level and on an urban and public one. 

Specialization : Product design

It deals with diverse project solutions, ranging from traditional Industrial Design to the most contemporary and current themes in this industry, such as Social and Service Design, Self-production, Digital Fabrication.

MASTER OF ARTS IN : Interior Design

The MA in Interior Design (Second Level Academic Degree in Design) develops all-round professional profiles ready to enter the global marketplace. In the contemporary world, interiors play an increasingly important role in individual and collective living spaces of global cities, becoming part of a complex physical and narrative system. The MA enables its students to deal with conceptual and operational issues through an interdisciplinary approach open to innovation and cultural exchange, and different project experiences led by international professionals.

MASTER OF ARTS IN : Product and Service Design

The MA explores the ethics of design more thoroughly, as well as values and needs of a new, global humanity , and its sustainable relation to nature and environment.

MASTER OF ARTS IN : Social Design

The MA investigates new social needs and new scenarios for practicing design in today's world, to valorize human and natural resources and to drive sustainable innovation. 


The Academic Master (starting in A.Y. 2022/23 subject to authorization  by MUR currently in progress) gives a new perspective on the role of the urban designer aimed at reading into, interpreting and designing cities to face the new complexity of urban contexts.



The art preparatory year allows students to develop their creativity  and refine their orientation towards an artistic environment. Thanks to a demanding and multidisciplinary training , the students are prepared for the success of  the entrance examinations of the most prestigious art schools in France and abroad. This training is offered in French  or English .

The preparatory year in animation  allows students to discover the world of animation and to learn its specificities and techniques. It prepares for entry into the most prestigious animation schools : Gobelins, Rubika, EMCA.


The Visual Arts Bachelor provides innovative multidisciplinary artistic education , with the aim of training  professionals in the field of image . Photography / Video , Printed images Edition(s).The 3-year bachelor's degree in visual arts trains professionals in the field of image , endowed with a personal visual style , combining creativity, critical thinking and technical knowledge. Graduates are also authors capable of integrating into an increasingly demanding cultural economy .


This training aims to teach professional techniques and software in order to approach the most advanced new animation technologies , specific to the needs of French and international studios. In 3 years, with a staggered start of the school year starting at the beginning of December , the training offers a bachelor's level with a staff of 26 students per class, a reduced number to follow the students as well as possible.

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