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It is needless to say that the education should be an asset rather being a liability for students and their family . When it comes to choosing a right university or a country , students always want to consider every aspect of education be it the country , the university ranking , the desired course ,the affordable tuition fees , scholarship options , living expenses , part time job opportunities , post studies settlement options and permanent residence options . It is also quite evident to compare different countries with different angles to prevent getting trapped by few over rated and highly advertised countries or universities . In addition to that , it is also a prominent point to compare the countries on the basis of global passport ranking index if the major goal is to settle down in a country rather than coming back to the home country post the completion of studies . Many students now a days possess strong dedication towards permanent residence options ( so called PR ) and wants to attain a second nationality or in case of India , drop Indian passport and acquire a passport Abroad for better future and visa free access to most of the developed economies of the world .

Adding to this , there are countries in the world whose citizens always receive a great amount of privilege when it comes to travel , business , studies or work opportunities in comparison to other nations due to the fact that their passports are considered to be one of the strongest passports in the word . They receive visa free access for tourism , study , business or job purposes in other countries and may apply directly for the residence permit or temporary residence post the arrival in that respective country . Their strong passport facilitates them with hassle free long and tedious visa process to enter in their desired country for studies , travel or work .

According to the , Hungary holds the 5th rank and Canada holds the 6th r