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Germany is all set to introduce its Green card.

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The opportunity card / Chancenkarte

Germany plans to introduce its own version of a green card in response to a critical shortage of skilled workers. Non-EU nationals will find it easier to find jobs here as a result of the initiative. A "green card" is being introduced in Germany, the Chancenkarte (literally "opportunity card"), to crack the labor market's dire shortage.

A growing number of retirees and people leaving the workforce is creating a skills shortage in Germany that may require as many as 400,000 new skilled workers each year.

Many other developed and immigration-friendly countries use a points-based system for their work permits. If foreigners meet certain requirements, they will be eligible for the new "opportunity card," which allows them to seek work in Germany even without a job offer.

Eligibility criteria for Opportunity card :

As far as a candidate fulfils 3 conditions among below mentioned 4 points , he/she is eligible to apply for German Chancenkarte :

1) A university degree or professional qualification

2) Professional experience of at least three years

3) Language skill or previous residence in Germany

4) Aged under 35

The German government will limit the number of cards on a yearly basis, based on the labor market's demand.

Since the foreign nationals can come to Germany under Opportunity card scheme without having prior job offer , they would need to show sufficient funds to cover their stay in Germany along with mandatory health insurance.

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