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Hungarian White Card: Eligibility, Application Process, and More

Hungary, a member of the European Union, offers a unique opportunity for third-country nationals seeking to work remotely while residing in the country. The Hungarian White Card is a residence permit designed for individuals who have a verified employment relationship in a foreign country but work from Hungary using advanced digital technology solutions. This blog will delve into the eligibility criteria, application process, and other pertinent details regarding the Hungarian White Card.

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Eligibility for the Hungarian White Card To be eligible for a Hungarian White Card, a third-country national must meet the following criteria:

  1. Verified Employment: The applicant must have a verified employment relationship in a country other than Hungary and perform their work from Hungary using advanced digital technology solutions. Alternatively, they can own a share in a company with a verified profit in a foreign country and manage the company or perform their work from Hungary using advanced digital technology solutions.

  2. General Conditions: The applicant must meet the general conditions for staying in Hungary for more than 90 days within any 180-day period and must not be subject to any disqualifications provided by law.

  3. Non-Gainful Activity: The applicant should not pursue any gainful activity in Hungary and must not hold a share in a Hungarian company.

Who Cannot Obtain a Hungarian White Card? The Hungarian White Card is not granted under the following circumstances:

  1. Gainful Activity: If the purpose of stay in Hungary is to pursue a gainful activity, act as an executive officer of a for-profit business association, cooperative, or another legal entity, or perform self-employed work for remuneration.

  2. Study Purposes: To individuals possessing a residence permit for the purpose of studies or those participating in a short-term supervised traineeship as part of their studies.

  3. Asylum Seekers: To individuals who have applied for refugee status to the asylum authority or requested any subsidiary form of protection or temporary protection.

  4. Granted Refugee Status: To those who have been granted refugee status, subsidiary form of protection, or temporary protection in Hungary.

  5. Exiles: To exiles.

  6. Suspension of Expulsion: To third-country nationals whose expulsion has been suspended for reasons of fact or law.

  7. EC Residence Permit: To third-country nationals holding an EC residence permit.

  8. Intra-Corporate Transfers: To third-country nationals arriving in the Union in the framework of an intra-corporate transfer.

  9. Highly Qualified Workers: To third-country nationals admitted to the Union for the purpose of employment as highly qualified workers.

Application Process The application process for obtaining a Hungarian White Card involves the following steps:

  1. Submitting the Application: Third-country nationals can submit their applications to any Hungarian consulate officer or authorized place that accepts residence permit applications in their country of permanent or temporary residence or their country of nationality.

  2. Entry Visa Issuance: If the regional directorate approves the residence permit application, it serves as approval for the issuance of an entry visa for receiving a residence permit. The competent consulate officer issues this visa based on the regional directorate's decision.

  3. Special Circumstances: In exceptional cases, third-country nationals residing in Hungary may submit an application for a residence permit at the regional directorate if there are special circumstances justifying submission in Hungary, or if they are visa-free citizens, or if they legally reside in Hungary with a family member.

  4. Electronic Application: Third-country nationals holding citizenship from visa-free countries and legally residing in Hungary without a visa can submit their residence permit applications electronically through the immigration authority's electronic platform.

  5. Extension of Residence Permit: The extension of the residence permit must be submitted electronically at least 30 days before its expiration, with a copy of the applicant's valid travel document attached.

  6. Administrative Service Fee: Various administrative service fees apply depending on the circumstances and the method of application. These fees are typically paid through electronic payment instruments or bank deposits.

  7. Decision and Appeal: The regional directorate will make a decision within 30 days. In case of refusal, applicants have the right to appeal within 8 days. The appeal can be submitted to the authority of the first instance or the diplomatic or consular mission where the initial application was submitted.

Validity and Rights The Hungarian White Card is valid for a maximum of one year, with the possibility of one additional year if the same purpose is maintained. Holders of this card have the right to enter and reside in Schengen Member States for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. Obligations include registering the place of accommodation, reporting lost or stolen documents, notifying the authorities of changes in employment status, and maintaining comprehensive health insurance. Withdrawal of a White Card The Hungarian immigration authority may withdraw a White Card if the applicant no longer fulfills the eligibility criteria, leaves Hungary for more than 90 days, or engages in gainful employment or acquires a share in a Hungarian company. The Hungarian White Card offers an appealing option for third-country nationals seeking to work remotely from Hungary. Understanding the eligibility criteria and application process is crucial for those considering this opportunity. With the right documentation and adherence to the rules, individuals can enjoy the benefits of living and working in Hungary while holding a White Card.

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