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There is no doubt that this beautiful European country seems like a very natural choice for people who wish to live in the heart of Europe at roughly the same cost as in their home country. Yes undoubtedly!

According to the International Monetary Fund, Hungary is one of the countries that has low taxes compared to most countries in Europe, such as Germany, France, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, and Italy. On average a tourist can find decent accommodation between 10 Euros to 50 Euros a night . Budapest ,the beautiful capital offers some truly fantastic spaces to stay from hostels offering bunk beds to beautiful studio apartments on Airbnb. Someone looking for long term accommodation has to spend nearly 200 to 400 Euros on average depending upon the location and district . This country has something to offer to everyone . From internationally famous food chains like Starbucks , KFS , McDonalds to multi cuisine restaurants , Budapest has everything one wants to dine in at their own budget .

Preparing your own meals might be really inexpensive affair in this little country. A good wine or beer can cost you even less than 2 Euros . As a tourist , most of the attractions cost nothing to visit specially the beautiful Danube river without which the trip is incomplete to Budapest . Tickets to museums or historic locations cost approximately less than 5 Euros . One can take an hour long Cruise ride from 10 Euros to up to 100 Euros depending upon what one’s pocket allows .

Budapest is also a home to lot of shopping malls to thrift shops which in addition to everything has something for everyone . Fashion street , Europium mall , Westend mall, Arena mall along with lot of Chinese stores are some famous places to shop your favorite brands . The popular CCC chain is a great place for inexpensive winter boots , handbags and travelling cases . A decent pair of women or men boots can cost between 30 Euros to as much as one can afford .

On the other hand , Budapest has one of the prominent public transportation system . Budapest is well connected to most of the other European capitals by road , rail and air network . A taxi might cost approximately 30 Euros from Budapest airport to city center. Budapest is beautifully connected with a long network of trams , buses and metros . A common ticket allows to travel by any of the metros , buses or trams . As a tourist , one can buy a day ticket of 24 hours or 2-3 days , week or even a month in advance . It costs really budget friendly to students to get a monthly pass on their student id cards . One common public transport ticket costs approximately 4 Euros for one trip and for a student spending on a monthly pass , it just costs them approx. 10 Euros .
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