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The terrible and unfortunate upside down war between Russia and Ukraine has forced thousands of Indian students studying in Ukraine to find ways to somehow get back to their motherland India or stay in neighbouring European countries like Hungary and Poland which are neighbouring countries sharing borders with Ukraine .

According to the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine there are over 18,095 Indian students currently studying in Ukraine .

Why is Ukraine the preferred destinations for Indian medical students ?

Ukraine has been a popular destination for medical students from India due to quality education offered at Ukrainian universities at nearly 3 times lesser fees than Indian medical colleges . Thousands of Indian students willing to get admitted in medical colleges every year fail to acquire a seat due to high annual tuition fees and limited no.of seats in Indian government colleges . Getting admission in medical college in India also comes up with tough entrance exam and upon scoring less, the students have to head to private Indian colleges which charge annual fees from INR 50 lacs to 1 crore .

Ukrainian universities offer 5 years medical courses at nearly the annual fees of INR 5-6 lacs which is way cheaper than India .

Which medical universities and courses students prefer in Ukraine ?

Many Ukrainian universities fall under top 1000 universities of the world and more than 20 universities including Kyiv Medical university and Kharkiv National Medical University are the most preferred by Indian medical students for undergraduate and master courses .

Mr.Sharma also mentions that Ukraine is most preferred destination along with Germany , Hungary and Georgia for Indian medical students in Europe .

Indian students usually opt for courses like Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Public health, Dietetics in Ukraine and other European countries.

Licence to practice in India

Upon returning back to India with foreign MBBS degrees, Indian students must take the National Board of Examinations' Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) to receive a licence to practise medicine in India. Nearly 4,000 students with medical degrees from Ukraine take the FMGE each year, but only about 700 pass. Others may also practise in Ukraine or other countries .

Medium of Instruction is English !

It may come with a surprise but the studies for non-EU students are conducted in English in many European countries including Ukraine. In addition to that , there is no tough entrance test to qualify for universities in Ukraine .

- (with inputs from agency-Deseorg services pvt ltd )

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