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Sweden Job Seeker Visa : A golden opportunity

In an effort to attract skilled professionals in particular, Sweden recently joined Germany, Austria and Portugal in launching a new residency visa. As a result of the ageing of their populations, these countries are losing economic competitiveness and their labor pools are shrinking. New visa categories aim to simplify residency applications for foreigners, and especially to attract young skilled workers. While you look for work or start your own business in Sweden, you can apply for a temporary residency permit. This residency permit can also serve as a startup visa, even though it appears to be geared toward entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Yes ,It is possible to obtain a residence permit if you have completed studies that correspond to an advanced level degree in order to obtain a job in Sweden or explore the possibility of starting your own business. Minimum three months and maximum nine months are permitted for the permit. Your family cannot move to Sweden with you during the period you have this residence permit. It is necessary to apply for another type of residence permit if you have a residence permit allowing you to study in higher education in Sweden, have finished your studies and are seeking employment or exploring the possibility of starting your own business in Sweden. An individual seeking employment in Sweden or exploring the possibility of starting a business in Sweden must obtain a residence permit.


1. Having completed studies equivalent to an advanced degree.

2. Consider seeking employment or starting your own business.

3. You must be able to support yourself during your permit application period, as well as have enough money to travel home.

4. Having comprehensive health insurance that is valid in Sweden

5. Be sure the passport you intend to use in Sweden is valid for the entire duration of your stay. If it is about to expire, you should extend it because you cannot get a permit for longer than you have a passport.

6. Be located outside of Sweden at the moment.